Greater Highway Youth and Development Training Centre was established in 2000 under the Redemption Apostolic Pentecostal Temple Inc, umbrella  (formally Greater Highway Redemption Ministries). The founders of the Greater Highway Youth and Development Training Centre saw the need for additional community support and resources for the black community. 


Members of the community will be given opportunities to learn how to break cultural stigmas, how to build confidence, improve overall literacy through various reading programs, and how to successfully pursue and achieve higher education. We seek to combat discrimination by raising awareness, providing opportunities for the Black community, and by developing leadership skills and civic engagement; through the promotion of Innovation and Technology by educating those who are unfamiliar with or misinformed about socio-economic factors, historical injustices, and other aspects that define black culture. Our programs offer services that inform the black community on their legal rights and provide avenues to connect with experts in our community (e.g entrepreneurs, immigration, etc).


With the development of civic engagement and leadership skills, members will be given tips on how to succeed in the corporate world, interview and job search skills, and have access to adequate skills and trade programs. This program aims to establish a place for black women and seniors specifically to gain a sense of community through programs facilitated by professionals in varying areas.