Ministries to the Soul
  • Pastoral Support

  • Prayer and Intercession Counselling

  • Music – Instruments and vocal

  • Personal Evangelism



Ministries to the Body


  • Social Welfare and Support – food, clothing, hospital and home visits, prison support

  • Jobs and Careers Services – resume and interview preparations

  • Communication Services – Business Writing, research, poems, lyrics, obituaries, media advertising and outreach literature

  • Retail Merchandising -  Thrift Shoppe, Groceries and dry goods

  • Academic Education and Opportunities  - ESL Classes and Adult LIterary

  • Counselling Ministry – Individual, Group and Families

  • Health and Wellness - good diet, exercise and personal grooming

  • Transportation – call ahead for a ride to church

  • Fundraisers and Fundraising

  • Business Professoinals and Proprietors Network – Redemption’s Monthly Masterminds Meetings

  • Financial Planning and Budget Management – Honest Accumulation of wealth

  • Corporate Officers – develop corporate relationship with Community Businesses

  • Volunteering


Ministries to the Spirit


  • Creating a new man after Christ Jesus

  • The Ecclesia (Preach, Teach the Word of God)

  • Inspiration unto the Holy living and Righteousness

  • Promoting manifestations of the Words of God

  • Cultivating Faith to believe

  • Gendering Godly sorrow and Repentance

  • Establishing Joyful Living in the Peace of God